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Smart garage door Maintenance

Posted by Don Larcher on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 @ 08:39 AM

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From the smallest to the largest garage door a mechanical failure can create not only a costly repair but can result in serious injury or damage to ones property.Periodic service to your garage door system will not only keep things running smooth but may save you money in the long run. All garage doors should be annually inspected and lubricated by the homeowner to insure a proper operating door and improve the life span of your door opener. Always follow the homeowners manual when operating your garage door and refer to the specific manufacturers written instruction when lubricating your garage door.

During a visual inspection the following items should inspected;                                         

  • Cables for fraying
  • bent or cracked hardware
  • missing rollers
  • broken springs
  • torn weatherstripping

 These items should only be replaced by a professional garage door service technician and when done properly will add years of service to your garage door system. Checking for proper spring balance and a thorough test of your  garage door opener safety system are always included when Overhead Door Company of Greensboro is called to service a residential garage door. You can find a copy of our home owner manuals on our website under Resourses or you can stop by our showroom for a free copy.



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