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Why did I run into my garage door?

Posted by Michael Garnett on Tue, Feb 07, 2012 @ 02:04 PM

At Overhead Door Company of Greensboro we get many calls a week from people who have run into their garage door. By default we have become experts into why this happens so often and here is what we have discovered.

  • Almost 60% of time the garage door is hit when the person is exiting the garage.
  • Opening the garage door by using a remote control is not as reliable as using the push button inside the garage. Often times the remote is pressed more than once sending the garage door in the opposite direction in which it was intended.
  • People become distracted by cell phones, children and pets and are unaware if the door has completed its opened or closed cycle. 
  • Many times the vehicle is not pulled into the garage completely before closing the door.
  • Approaching the garage at a high rate of speed while the door is still moving is not recommended. 

The simple solution is always make sure the garage door has completed its cycle before entering or exiting the garage. Use the push button on the wall and observe the position of the vehicle before closing the door. Purchaseing a parking sensor can eliminate this problem happening to you. 

Before calling a garage door repair company check with your insurance agent first to see what will be covered by your homeowners policy. We will work with the insurance adjusters directly and can provide same day quotes on replacing or repairing your garage door.

Overhead Door Company of Greensboro carries all standard size doors in stock and can provide a quick turnaround on repair or replacement doors to help keep your home safe.

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