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Garage Doors and WD-40

Posted by Michael Garnett on Tue, May 15, 2012 @ 09:01 AM

  The best maintenance product for a garage door will always be a reliable can of WD-40. Have you you ever wondered what the main active ingrediant is? Fish oil! The product was developed by some missile scientist to prevent rust and used as a degreaser to protect missile parts back in 1953. The WD stands for "water displacement" and the stuff we use today was the fortieth formulation. Ken East was one of the original founders and proclaims that nothing in the product is harmful to humans and the list of other household uses are amazing.

  • protects silver
  • removes lipstick stains
  • removes water spots from glass shower doors
  • removes bug stains and tar off cars
  • restores chalkboards
  • untangles jewelryWD 40 Picture
  • great fish attractant for artificial lures
  • keeps bathroom mirrors from fogging
  • restores and cleans vinyl
  • removes tomato stains
  • cleans bbq grills
  • keeps pigeons off your balcony
  • takes the sting out of fire ant bites
  • keeps flies off of livestock

 These are some of the claims that have been made, but try it on your garage door springs and hardware for quiet and smooth operation. It is also great for removing grease and grime build up in unwanted areas on your door. We recommend lubricating the door in the half open position so that the moving parts will rotate at least one cycle with the fresh lube on the parts. If an annoying squeak doesn't go away immediately, run the door a few cycles before adding more lubricant. Just a little goes a long way in keeping your door running well between check ups from the professionals at Overhead Door Company of Greensboro.

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Durable and High Performance are the benifits of a RapidSlat Door

Posted by Michelle Snover on Tue, Feb 21, 2012 @ 02:35 PM


advanced service door 626

 RapidSlat Doors are two doors in one: combining the speed of a high performance door with the security and durability of a rolling steel door.

          *Reliable springless operation eliminating the need for a counterbalance

          *Faster opening speed for increased productivity and maximum energy efficiency

          *Variety of insulation, weather seal and wind load option to fit  enviromental needs

           *Universal components for easy maintenance

When looking at high performance doors customers want speed, safety, and options. RapidSlat offers all of those plus more! Variety of slat styles available in insulated, non-insulated (curved or flat), steel gauges, and materials (stainless steel or aluminum).Powder coated available in 197 color options. With fabric doors you are mostly limited to blue, orange or red. Want windows?  That option available as well.

                                    Performance and Durability

Building owners and operators appreciate RapidSlat reliability. This high-performance door system has operating controls located at eye level, and if the curtain is damaged, door slats can be replaced with minimal downtime.

• Maximum performance and functionality with minimum maintenance requirements

• Two-year or 300,000-cycle limited warranty coverage

• Five-year limited warranty on motor

To see the RapidSlat in action watch the attached video!


Please call or email with any questions. 



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