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Starting from Scratch

Posted by Michael Garnett on Tue, Mar 04, 2014 @ 10:46 AM

describe the image  Todays homeowner looking for their next garage door have more options than ever before. With all the manufactures choices and different designs and multiple color schemes the process can be more complicated than it should . Our showroom was design to make choosing your next garage door an educated process by having eight different manufactures products on display.

 In our showroom we can look at how the different doors are made and whats inside the investment you are about to make. We know which products will hold up over time and which ones will take the most abuse. Pictures from a brochure and price are not the best way to pick quality and the longevity of your next garage door.

 Now for the good part! You know what you like and don't like and since we carry multiple lines we can get it for you. If you want to go to custom wood door we can let you design it yourself. We want you to be a little excited about your choice of garage door and feel like you have made the best choice available. Take advantage of our size and relationships that we have built with the top manufacturers in the door industry and look at these products side by side.



Its time to bring garage door service to the 21st century.

Posted by Michael Garnett on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 @ 12:18 PM

  Your garage door is broken and you have to schedule a service call. You call a  reputable company that you may have found online or installed the door originally to come fix it. Now you have taken the time off work and adjusted your busy schedule and you wait. The technician shows up only to learn that he will need to order parts or you might need to replace the door completely. So you have to waste more time on another day to get your door repaired or replaced and the process recycles back to the beginning.

 We can do better than that. First, we stock our service vans with the inventory needed to repair 97% of all residential garage doors, but sometimes you might need more than that. You might need a replacement section or maybe replacing your door might be the option that makes more sense. What then?

 The Overhead Door Company of Greensboro introduces the Garage Door Recovery Team. Once you schedule a service call with the GDRT we can replace or repair your door and motor on the same day! Take advantage of our extensive inventory and combine that with a specialist who has installed over a thousand garage doors and put them to work for you. He will assess your situation upon arrival and give you an estimate on the cost of repairs vs the cost of a new door that we have in stock and then you choose what works best for you. If you decide to replace your  door, our GDRT will bring in a new door from our warehouse while our on site specialist will begin the process of removing your existing door and/or motor.

 Not everyone can be on the Garage Door Recovery Team. It begins with years or experince installing residential garage doors and coupled with an extensive knowledge of how to service them. Then you must know off hand the complete inventory that is in stock and what options are available on short notice.  Unlike a sales associate you have to do more than talk the talk you must be able to walk the walk and actually install what you offer. We can make this happen on short notice and save you the time and frustration of another appointment or dealing with another person on the phone trying to get prices and options on a new garage door. Too many times we see homeowners pay an inflated repair bill from a company that has spent too much money on an oversize yellow page ad only to find out a new door would of been cheaper. It happens every day in the Triad and it should stop!

 This is just one of the many ways your local Overhead Door Company in the Triad is trying to save you time and money . We understand that both are very important for you and if you want more information please call one of our GDRT members  and see what we can make happen for you!

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Garage Doors and WD-40

Posted by Michael Garnett on Tue, May 15, 2012 @ 09:01 AM

  The best maintenance product for a garage door will always be a reliable can of WD-40. Have you you ever wondered what the main active ingrediant is? Fish oil! The product was developed by some missile scientist to prevent rust and used as a degreaser to protect missile parts back in 1953. The WD stands for "water displacement" and the stuff we use today was the fortieth formulation. Ken East was one of the original founders and proclaims that nothing in the product is harmful to humans and the list of other household uses are amazing.

  • protects silver
  • removes lipstick stains
  • removes water spots from glass shower doors
  • removes bug stains and tar off cars
  • restores chalkboards
  • untangles jewelryWD 40 Picture
  • great fish attractant for artificial lures
  • keeps bathroom mirrors from fogging
  • restores and cleans vinyl
  • removes tomato stains
  • cleans bbq grills
  • keeps pigeons off your balcony
  • takes the sting out of fire ant bites
  • keeps flies off of livestock

 These are some of the claims that have been made, but try it on your garage door springs and hardware for quiet and smooth operation. It is also great for removing grease and grime build up in unwanted areas on your door. We recommend lubricating the door in the half open position so that the moving parts will rotate at least one cycle with the fresh lube on the parts. If an annoying squeak doesn't go away immediately, run the door a few cycles before adding more lubricant. Just a little goes a long way in keeping your door running well between check ups from the professionals at Overhead Door Company of Greensboro.

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Whats new with garage door openers?

Posted by Michael Garnett on Mon, Feb 13, 2012 @ 08:31 AM

 We have one basic philosophy at OHD Greensboro  and that is treat customers the way we want to be treated when we make a purchase. That is especially true when you call  our residential service department with a service request. Our service technicians have the highest amount of training and experience in the Triad.  We carry a complete line of replacement parts to service all major brands of doors and motors and we carry the latest in garage door openers right in our vans so a return trip is unnecesarry the majority of the time.

 Garage door motors have  gone high tech and can be operated by a smart phone or monitored by your lap top or computer.  They can also be programed to shut automatically if left in the open position for an extended period of time. This is great for the tech no geeks who has to have the latest and greatest apps in the coffee shop but if you want something practical look at one of the motors with a built in battery back up that can operate your garage door during a power failure. This is a must have for the elderly or anyone who would struggle lifting a garage door manually. If you need any more information on the newest in garage door motor updates give us a call 1-800-333-3667.describe the image


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Why did I run into my garage door?

Posted by Michael Garnett on Tue, Feb 07, 2012 @ 02:04 PM

At Overhead Door Company of Greensboro we get many calls a week from people who have run into their garage door. By default we have become experts into why this happens so often and here is what we have discovered.

  • Almost 60% of time the garage door is hit when the person is exiting the garage.
  • Opening the garage door by using a remote control is not as reliable as using the push button inside the garage. Often times the remote is pressed more than once sending the garage door in the opposite direction in which it was intended.
  • People become distracted by cell phones, children and pets and are unaware if the door has completed its opened or closed cycle. 
  • Many times the vehicle is not pulled into the garage completely before closing the door.
  • Approaching the garage at a high rate of speed while the door is still moving is not recommended. 

The simple solution is always make sure the garage door has completed its cycle before entering or exiting the garage. Use the push button on the wall and observe the position of the vehicle before closing the door. Purchaseing a parking sensor can eliminate this problem happening to you. 

Before calling a garage door repair company check with your insurance agent first to see what will be covered by your homeowners policy. We will work with the insurance adjusters directly and can provide same day quotes on replacing or repairing your garage door.

Overhead Door Company of Greensboro carries all standard size doors in stock and can provide a quick turnaround on repair or replacement doors to help keep your home safe.

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